Take it easy and chill with us.

Find out about hip hop moves, ones you like, ones you've never heard of and ones you want to see again and again.

About us

This site is all about hip hop dance moves. It doesn't matter whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, take a look around the site and learn something interesting.

Hip hop is serious, hip hop is real, but hip hop moves are also fun, they give you freedom and they are liberating.

The Moves You Want

The site is split into 3 main sections covering the styles of hip hop dance: popping, locking and breaking.

The section entitled 'hip hop moves' covers moves in what is referred to today as hip-hop dance, i.e. more new school hip-hop.

Enjoy Yourself

Whichever sub-style of dance you choose to learn more about enjoy yourself thoroughly. Let the dancing take you to the land of joy.

Each style is different but beautiful in its own way, you may feel inclined to do more than one style. Go where your passion takes you and what inspires you to learn.