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Booty Shake

Now men find this movement mesmerizing and women will admire your beautiful ass if you can pull this one off good.

Men can also try this step - though the results can be more revolting.

How To Do It

1. Watch Beyonce.

2. Arch your back forward pushing your chest forward and your booty back. Arms and hands are up to the side of your breasts, elbows are up creating a vertical line across your arms.

3. Now everything contracts so you arch your back backwards so the stomach goes in, your booty goes forward, your arms go slightly forward away from your body.

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 as many times as you wish to carry on the booty shake.

You can vary the move by going faster and then slower and altering the tempo of the shakes.

You can pump the arms more when you want to booty shake harder, perhaps because a rival has turned up booty shaking in your personal space claiming to be the number 1.

By extension you must also arch your back more, and stick your booty out further backwards and then further forwards to accomplish this feat and make the shakes harder.

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